I am an architect, artist and chef from Mysore, India who is intently trying to apply my philosophy of aesthetics, fundamental rigour and functional discipline to all forms of creative expression. I have worked at architecture studios in India and Denmark, have been a product designer and a carpenter in Italy, have cooked in some of Europe’s best restaurants and have travelled extensively around the world in pursuit of knowledge, adventure and experiences to feed my ravenous hunger for being a renaissance man.

In my work for the NFT medium I wish to tell stories through a carefully composed moving image which serves as a vignette, a visual haiku to capture a fleeting beautiful moment with grace.

All the videos are in 1080p. Please press play to view.

Video Vignettes


 1. “Across the river”



2. “Skyline”
3. “Nuclear family”



4. “Autumn Waltz”



5.“Slow motion teleportation”



6. “Raining Birds”



7. “Side effects”



8. “Sailing to Sikkim”



9. “Leafy fingers”



10. “Cracks in the Sky”