Mist Tree Mountain – PS road – Gangtok – Sikkim – 737101 – India
Associate Architect    2012-14      |     Principal : Prashant Pradhan
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PPA is an architecture studio in the north eastern region of India established in 2003 working on sustainable residential, hospitality and public infrastructure buildings. I started (Dec 2012) with the firm during a significant growth in the infrastructure of the area, both state and private as a consequence of the recent dramatic improvement in the Indian economy. I helped oversee a gradual expansion of the office with junior graduate architects, interns and construction managers added to the existing team. My duties included translating the essential idea from the principal architect onto my table, conveying a synopsis to the team and to supervise presentation and site drawings. Furthermore, I was responsible for supervising key actions on site, client interaction  and  preliminary  site  visits.



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The studio and most of it’s projects are situated at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. The seismically active nature of the steeply inclined topography, and its relatively pristine and remote location offer motivation to pursue sustainable, graceful and culturally relevant structures. We were given the opportunity to convey genuine ideas through our buildings to both the local population and travelers from all over the world.