Anoop Shekar


232-16-17, 9170 Longyearbyen,

Svalbard, Norway.

M24, Chikkaveeranna Road, Bannimantap,

Mysore 570015, Karnataka, India.

Tel                         :   +47 91008546

                                      +91 7259539725

Nationality          :    Indian

DOB                     :    04 June 1986

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To intensely immerse myself into any creative endeavor through focused hard work, intelligence, passion and unwavering intention.



1. Kroa, Longyearbyen, Svalbard            (1 Year)                                     Feb 2022-23

    Chef De Partie                                   (Full-time)                                   +47 79021300

  • 90 Seat Contemporary European Bistro
  • Lunch & Dinner Service
  • Responsible for mis en place, service and order list
  • Menu eg : Beef tenderloin steak, roast vegetables & pepper sauce, Klippfisk with potato pureè & bacon, Braised lamb shank with blanched asparagus and cauliflower, Roast Venison loin with Mushroom duxelle, potato duchesse and dark red wine sauce     


2. Villa Naj, Stradella, Italy                        (6 months)                                   May 2020

     * One Michelin Star

     Chef De Partie                                        (Full-time)                              +39 038542126

  • 30 Seats Contemporary Italian Restaurant
  • Dinner Service Only
  • Responsible for mis en place, service and order list for antipasti section
  • Menu eg : Amberjack with Gin & Gazpacho, Egg 73 with Pecorino cream & Jewish Artichoke, Red shrimp Panzanella, Beef Tartare Rice Ravioli with Peanut cream


3. Osteria Le Logge, Siena, Italy              (6 months)                               Aug 2019-20

     Intern + Chef De Partie                      (Full-time)                              +39 0577 48013

  • 120 Seats Italian + Tuscan Restaurant
  • Lunch & Dinner Service
  • Responsible for mis en place, service and order list for meat and fish section
  • Menu eg : Beef cheek with parsnip pureè, Pigeon Laura Peri, pumpkin & bitter almonds, Stuffed rabbit, ham & blueberries, Roasted sea bass, spinach & lemon


4. Promenaden 1932, Copenhagen, Denmark              (1 Year)             Mar 2018-19

     Chef De Partie                                                           (Full-time)           +45 2612 9994

  • 150 Seats French + Danish Bistro
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Service
  • Responsible for mis en place and service for cold, hot and pastry section on rotation
  • Menu eg : White Asparagus & Hollandaise, Beef Steak & Béarnaise, Monkfish with Ratatouille, Salmon Tartare & Crème Fraiche, Lemon Tart, Assorted Crème brûlée


5. Brasserie Degas, Copenhagen, Denmark                   (1.5 Years)              Jan 2017-18

    Commis (promoted to) Chef De Partie                        (Full-time) 

  • 40 Seats French Brasserie
  • Dinner Service only
  • Responsible for mis en place and service for entrée and pastry section
  • Menu eg : Salad Foie Gras, Bouillabaisse & Rouille, Lobster Cannelloni with Madeira sauce, Duck Confit with Champignon a la crème, Duck Breast with red wine sauce, Fondant au Chocolat, Sabayon with Genoise and fruit, Macarons, Gougère


6. Emergency Architecture and Human Rights               (1 Year)                2016-17

    Copenhagen, Denmark                      

     Design Architect                                                                    (Full-time)

  • Educational institutions, Community Spaces & Modular Housing
  • Design drawing, Managing the on-site construction team & design interns in the studio
  • Estimation and acquisition of building material and planning construction schedule


7. Prashant Pradhan Architects                            (2 Years)                          2013-15

     Gangtok, Sikkim, India                        

    Associate Architect                                             (Full-time) 

  • Hospitality buildings (Hotels, Resorts, Spa) Kitchen & Restaurant design
  • Client liaison, Supervision of construction site and junior architects in the studio
  • Responsible for evaluation of employee performance and training 


8. Leuzinger & Saveri Architects                          (2 Years)                           2010-12

     Vasanthnagar, Bengaluru, India                        

    Junior Architect                                                  (Full-time) 

  • HRC Learning Center (International School), Chennai + Kamal Solar Industry, B’lore
  • Architectural Drawings, 3D modelling, Services, and Client liaison
  • Responsible for monitoring all aspects of the construction site and communication with the Principal





1. HRC Culinary Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria                                               2019 – 2020

     Full Professional Certificate

  • 1 year intensive program taught in English
  • Courses: Introduction to Hospitality, Food safety and hygiene, Kitchen theory, Kitchen laboratory classes in both hot kitchen and pastry.


2. University of Rome, Rome, Italy                                                              2015-2017

     Master of Product Design (M.Sc.)                                                         [Discontinued] 

  • 2 year Architecture and design program taught in English
  • Courses: Aesthetics, Internet of things, Sustainability, Resource Management


3. Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, India                      2003 – 2008

     Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch.)                 

  • 5 Year Architecture and design program taught in English
  • Courses : Building and Structural design, Heating and ventilation, landscape and Climatology, Materials, Professional Practice, Estimation, Management




 1. Manoir De Botcol, Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem, France        (1 month)         Dec 2018

     Private Cook + Carpenter        (Part-time) 

  • Planning menu and cooking dinner for the proprietors (4)
  • Designing, building and repairing non structural wooden members and furniture in the Manor


2. Hawila Project, Kastrup, Denmark                             (3 months)              Jun 2017

    Associate Cook +  Resident Designer     (Part-time) 

  • Planning menu and cooking lunch and dinner for 15 member ship crew 
  • Documenting and drawing computer models to assist in the restoration of the ship


3. Villa Salinara, Marsala, Sicily, Italy                              (3 months)             Dec 2015

     Private Cook + Resident Carpenter        (Part-time) 

  • Planning menu and cooking dinner for vacation guests at the Villa 
  • Conceptualizing, designing, building, salvaging, recycling and restoring wooden furniture.




Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany,

India, Italy, Nepal, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City State



  1.  Language
  • English     (native proficiency)
  • Italian     (basic)
  • Hindi   (intermediate)
  • Kannada   (mother tongue)
  1. Computer
  • Web, Graphic and Interface Design [Adobe Photoshop]
  • Drafting and Drawing software [Autodesk Cad]
  • 3D Modelling software  [3ds Max]
  • Microsoft Office