Anoop Shekar

M24, Chikkaveeranna Road, Bannimantap,

Mysore 570015, Karnataka, India.


Tel                         :   +91 7259539725

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Nationality          :    Indian

DOB                      :    04 June 1986




To intensely immerse myself into a kitchen team to absorb and augment the creative vision of a restaurant and hotel through focused hard work, intelligence, passion and unwavering intention.





1. Villa Naj, Stradella, Italy                              (6 months)                                                   May 2020

     * One Michelin Star

     Chef De Partie                                                (Full-time)                                          +39 038542126

  • 30 Seats Contemporary Italian Restaurant
  • Dinner Service Only
  • Responsible for mis en place, service and order list for antipasti section
  • Menu eg : Amberjack with Gin & Gazpacho, Egg 73 with Pecorino cream & Jewish Artichoke, Red shrimp Panzanella, Beef Tartare Rice Ravioli with Peanut cream



2. Osteria Le Logge, Siena, Italy                     (6 months)                                     Aug 2019-2020

     Intern + Chef De Partie                             (Full-time)                                          +39 0577 48013

  • 120 Seats Italian + Tuscan Restaurant
  • Lunch & Dinner Service
  • Responsible for mis en place, service and order list for meat and fish section
  • Menu eg : Beef cheek with parsnip pureè, Pigeon Laura Peri, pumpkin & bitter almonds, Stuffed rabbit, ham & blueberries, Roasted sea bass, spinach & lemon


3. Promenaden 1932, Copenhagen, Denmark                 (1 Year)               Mar 2018-2019

     Chef De Partie                                                                    (Full-time)                    +45 2612 9994

  • 150 Seats French + Danish Bistro
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Service
  • Responsible for mis en place and service for cold, hot and pastry section on rotation
  • Menu eg : White Asparagus & Hollandaise, Beef Steak & Béarnaise, Monkfish with Ratatouille, Salmon Tartare & Crème Fraiche, Lemon Tart, Assorted Crème brûlée


4. Brasserie Degas, Copenhagen, Denmark                   (1.5 Years)              Jan 2017-2018

    Commis (promoted to) Chef De Partie                      (Full-time) 

  • 40 Seats French Brasserie
  • Dinner Service only
  • Responsible for mis en place and service for entrée and pastry section
  • Menu eg : Salad Foie Gras, Bouillabaisse & Rouille, Lobster Cannelloni with Madeira sauce, Duck Confit with Champignon a la crème, Duck Breast with red wine sauce, Fondant au Chocolat, Sabayon with Genoise and fruit, Macarons, Gougère


5. Emergency Architecture and Human Rights               (1 Year)              2016-2017

      Copenhagen, Denmark                      

     Design Architect                                                                    (Full-time)

  • Educational institutions, Community Spaces & Modular Housing
  • Design drawing, Managing the on-site construction team & design interns in the studio
  • Estimation and acquisition of building material and planning construction schedule 



6. Prashant Pradhan Architects                            (2 Years)                                2013-2015

     Gangtok, Sikkim, India                        

    Associate Architect                                                (Full-time) 

  • Hospitality buildings (Hotels, Resorts, Spa) Kitchen & Restaurant design
  • Client liaison, Supervision of construction site and junior architects in the studio
  • Responsible for evaluation of employee performance and training 


7. Leuzinger & Saveri Architects                          (2 Years)                                2010-2012

     Vasanthnagar, Bengaluru, India                        

    Junior Architect                                                      (Full-time) 




1. HRC Culinary Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                       2019 – 2020

     Full Professional Certificate

  • 1 year intensive program taught in English
  • Courses: Introduction to Hospitality, Food safety and hygiene, Kitchen theory, Kitchen laboratory classes in both hot kitchen and pastry.

2. University of Rome, Rome, Italy                                                                            2015-17

     Master of Product Design (M.Sc.)                                                           [Discontinued] 

  • 2 year Architecture and design program taught in English
  • Courses: Aesthetics, Internet of things, Sustainability, Resource Management

3. Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, India                         2003 – 2008

     Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch.)                 

  • 5 Year Architecture and design program taught in English
  • Courses : Building and Structural design, Heating and ventilation, landscape and Climatology, Materials, Professional Practice, Estimation, Management





1. Manoir De Botcol, Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem, France          (1 month)              Dec 2018

     Private Cook        (Part-time) 

  • Planning menu and cooking dinner for the proprietors (4)


2. Hawila Project, Kastrup, Denmark                                             (3 months)              Jun 2017

    Associate Cook       (Part-time) 

  • Planning menu and cooking lunch and dinner for 15 member ship crew 


3. Villa Salinara, Marsala, Sicily, Italy                                             (3 months)             Dec 2015

     Private Cook         (Part-time) 

  • Planning menu and cooking dinner for vacation guests at the Villa 




Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany,

India, Italy, Nepal, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City State



  1.  Language
  • English     (native proficiency)
  • Italian     (basic)
  • Hindi   (intermediate)
  • Kannada   (mother tongue)
  1. Computer
  • Web, Graphic and Interface Design [Adobe Photoshop]
  • Drafting and Drawing software [Autodesk Cad]
  • 3D Modelling software  [3ds Max]
  • Microsoft Office